Blue White Tailgate

Blue White Tailgate hosted by Steve Jones, Jay Paterno, Todd Sadowski provides in-depth breakdown & analysis of the Penn State Nittany Lions football team and their upcoming opponents. Jay Paterno takes you inside the Film Room to analyze the key plays and formations that will decide the outcome on game day. For the Fall 2018 Season we would also like to introduce Josh Sperber editor and reporter for the PSECU pregame update desk.

The Blue White Tailgate is syndicated to
over 4.7 million households in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Josh graduated from Lafayette College in May of 2015 and
started freelancing in video production 3 months later.
In April of 2017, he got on his first broadcast as a color commentator
and has been reporting ever since.

Contact Information:
Josh Sperber
Twitter: @Josh_Sperber